Bus Framing

El AdvertisingTechnoframe have over 40,000 bus frames in circulation on buses in the UK alone. If you are looking for advertising framing - then look no further.

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EL Solutions

El AdvertisingBring your advertising to life with EL technology. As well as uniform light distribution even the most complex designs can be animated.

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e-Paper Displays

El AdvertisingSmart City Displays e-Paper, the ideal replacement for printed information and advertising. Suitable for Timetables, Destination Blinds & Information Displays
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Illuminated Advertising

rolling media exampleIlluminate virtually any form of advertising media with our T-bright very low voltage LED systems. Completely flexible and adaptive to your needs.

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Why Choose Technoframe?

About TechnoframeAt Technoframe, your business is our business. While we are at the cutting edge of framing and illumination technology for illuminated advertising, when it comes to running our business we still believe in time honoured traditional values. Courtesy, excellent customer relationships and the delivery of high quality products on time, every time are all part of our ethos.

We work closely with all our clients to ensure that we offer a superior service and deliver to our customers’ exact requirements. Our in house design team will work with you every step of the way to deliver a solution whether that’s an existing framing or illumination product or whether we custom create something entirely unique for your company.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence and we constantly strive to create even more innovative and flexible solutions, that’s why our clients in the UK and Europe repeatedly turn to us for a bespoke media solution service.

Britain and Beyond

As a British company we are proud to have provided advertising solutions to UK companies for more than 12 years. With our products also widely available in Europe, we continue to expand our business horizons to meet a global need for high quality, innovative product solutions.

Quality Engineering

About TechnoframeWe take pride in the quality of our craftsmanship. All our products are manufactured to current trade standards and our team of high caliber staff make sure that every product is quality checked before it is shipped to our clients. With a 100% performance rating, we think you will agree that we make quality an integral part our business.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Our innovative business attitude coupled with the research that we have applied to our framing solutions has ensured our place as one of the top suppliers of outdoor media solutions and has resulted in greater economy and efficiency for our clients. By using high quality aluminium and 80% architectural grade powder coating on our frames we have produced a high quality lightweight and highly robust product that can be easily applied to any site without the need for special tools. Our simple and effective hinge system allows quick access to advertising boards when they have to be changed giving you maximum flexibility for your advertising.

Continued research and development of LED, EL technologies and digital screens has led to a number of exciting developments including the application of these products on larger as well as more flexible surface areas. Keep up to date with our latest developments by clicking on the ‘illumination’ page of our website.