Bus Advertising Frames

Bus Advertising FramesTechnoframe has built a first class reputation on the quality of its framing solutions. Our bus frames can be made to any size or specification and have thousands of applications. Thanks to our wealth of expertise we can also retro fit frames to vehicles or locations to help you maximise your advertising potential. Whether you need advertising frameworks or exhibition displays we will work with you to ensure that our products fulfil your requirements on time, every time. Thanks to the durability and flexibility of our product range, we think you will be delighted with the results.


Slimline Frames

Technoframe have developed a range of slimline frame option for our existing bus frame styles/types; T-Sides, Supersides, Streetliners, L-Sides, Rears and Super Rears.

The slimline bus frame is an aluminium framing system ideal for applications where the profile needs to be kept to a minimal depth.  Technoframe’s Slimline frames are 13mm deep instead of the standard 24mm.

There are more than 40,000 of our frames in circulation on buses throughout the UK alone. With more of our products on buses and trams throughout Germany, Russia, Sweden, Hungary and Holland we know that our clients choose us for the quality, reliability and durability of our products.


Frame Styles and Types

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