Bus Advertising: Grip-Ad

Bus Advertising - Grip AdBus GripsIn public transportation, safe standing room has high priority. Safety combined with added value was the challenge Technoframe had to meet, and additional surfaces for advertising was at the core of the innovative product Grip-Ad. Operators of public transport services, travelers and advertising agencies will be beneficiaries of this product.

Innovative Public Transport Grip-Ad

Technoframe have developed a new shape of communication with the Grip-Ad hanging straps. For the first time, hanging straps have now become active design elements in interior decoration. Whether the aim is to increase safety with eye catching colours, provide new design spaces or positioning classy messages inside passenger cabins, Technoframe hanging strap systems are both elegant and trendy and provide safety combined with almost unlimited colour combinations.


Suitable for many applications

  • Bus Advertising - Grip AdSubways
  • Trams
  • City Buses
  • Airport Buses
  • Long-haul Buses
  • Local Trains
  • Mountain Railways
  • Cable Cars and Gondolas

Anti-bacterial Grip-Ad

Technoframe also have a range of anti-bacterial Grip-Ad's that inhibit the growth or microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or protozoan's.

Our anti-bacterial Grip-Ad's are ideal for use in public areas and on public transport where they can come into contact with many people. They do not require cleaning as the anti-bacterial properties are incorporated into the materials.

An ideal alternative to anti-bacterial wipes that are commonly used as a protective barrier between the person and the grip they are holding on to.



Standard colours - Special colours up on request


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