Bus Advertising: Standy - Strap Handles

The Standy® strap replaces or supplements existing strap handles in buses, trains and trams. The advertising message is printed directly onto the Standy® using a unique print method.

Standy® places your advertising message directly into the passenger’s field of view and more importantly into their hands! Thus your advertising message is ideally placed where your customers finalise their purchase decision whilst using public transport.





The attractive advertising tool for buses, trains and trams

Standy® is cost effective and is designed to complement existing advertising within the vehicle and is ideally suited for tactical and time sensitive campaigns. Alternatively the Standy® can be used by bus, train and tram operators to communicate traveling information or service changes to their passengers.

The Standy® strap complies with all established safety regulations. The product is tear proof, UV and heat resistant, abrasion proof and is ready for digital printing of any design or colour.




Technoframe’s innovative strap handles are an attractive advertising tool that is ideal for all forms of public transport. Getting your message across could never be easier.




Cost effective

Easily assembled

Recyclable strap and printing inks

Unique, novel and striking

Complementary with existing advertising

Prominent product placement 'Up close and personal'

Ideal POS opportunity

Superb print quality

Individual designs, colours and shapes

Pleasing surface feel using 'High Tech' materials



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