EL Illuminated Advertising

Illuminated advertisingOur exciting Electro luminescent (EL) technology allows you to capture the imagination of your clients 24/7 and bring your advertising to life. Available in sizes up to and including 96 sheet, advertisers can now be guaranteed high quality, uniformly backlit advertising for the lifetime of their ad. The benefits of using EL to illuminate your advertising are enormous. As well as uniform light distribution even the most complex designs can be animated. You can take advantage of this thin, flexible and lightweight lighting solution that has very low power consumption and which generates very little heat.

Illuminated advertisingThanks to our extensive research and development, you can also apply EL technology to even the most flexible of materials. EL can be printed on materials between one and eight millimetres thick which means that your advertising could be used on t-shirts, baseball caps or in fact almost any material you can think of.




  • Only 1mm thick
  • Can be backlit or animated
  • Uniform light surface
  • Available in sizes up to 96 sheet
  • Bs 4 class 1Y safety fire rated (if required)

Free Design Service

Technoframe provide a free design service for EL Illuminated Advertising. Simply contact us and we will convert your ideas into a digital animated design.


Want to know more?

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