e-Paper Display - Technology & Development

Technoframe and Smart City Displays can provide you with the complete turn-key solution for your custom e-Paper digital signage;

  1. e-Paper Displays

    - Various sizes and configurations such as joining multiple screens together

  2. Hardward to run the e-Paper Displays

  3. - Allowing the content management of e-Paper Displays
    - Communicating with the screens via Wi-Fi or 3G
    - Battery and power supplies

  4. Software to run the e-Paper Displays

    - Server based software
    - Ensures the e-Paper displays are showing the correct content
    - Monitoring & Management of content
    - Simple integration into exisiting services and software you may have
    - Develop your display with HTML

Supported e-Paper Display Dimensions

We are able to support various screen sizes; 6", 9.7", 10.7", 13.3" and 32". We can even support the joining of multiple screens together to make a larger display. When joining screens together, rather then needing separate hardware for each screen, it is possible to have all screens and their content controlled as one screen.

Smart City Display's use Visionect Hardware and Software to power our displays.



For more information

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