The Technoframe Flexiframe is a flexible frame advertising solution that is an ideal for application in coves or anywhere a concave frame or convex frame profile is required. The design of Flexiframe allows adverts to be easily changed via aluminium retaining frames across the top and bottom. The flexible backing allows the frame to match the concave or convex profile of the space it is applied to.

Flexiframe is designed and manufactured within the UK. We stock standard sizes for specific applications, we are also able to provide Flexiframe's to your required dimensions.


Suitable for many applications

Technoframe's flexible frame fits all makes or bus and rail vehicles and enhances the presentation of your interior advertising message;

City Buses
Airport Buses
Long-haul Buses
Local Trains
Mountain Railways
Cable Cars and Gondolas


Universal - fix to any vehicle / interior type

Easily installed

Available in industry standard and bespoke sizes

Standardises vehicle interior message

Improves vehicle ambiance, advertising message delivery and impact

Compliments today's modern vehicle designs

Quick and easy to change advertising messages



Want to know more?

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