LED Bus Screen Software

Technoframe’s solution for Media Content Management and Media Player system consists of two key parts; the Media Player that sits on each bus and the Media Content Management System that organises, schedules and distributes the adverts from central servers. The Media CMS resides within the same web-based Management Console that is also used as the centralised point for monitoring, support and maintenance of the screens.

Media Player
All Technoframe T-Digital LED screens are driven by local media player (PC) which is an embedded Linux based PC with all the functionality required. The Media Players are designed to not only organise and output media to the screens, but also have built-in location awareness and multiple communication options.

The Media Player is a mobile ruggarised PC, that uses the Navaho MediaCAT software to store and schedule adverts based on date, time and GPS location. Adverts/media is then output to the LED Screen. The MediaCAT Player performs various tasks including;

  • Providing multiple communication options
  • Storing Adverts and Media
  • Storing GPS Zone location information
  • Storing and Process Campaign Schedules
  • Processing GPS location information and interact with the schedule
  • Processing and transmit diagnostics and error reports
  • Providing a Total System Watchdog to monitor and instruct the Media Player

Media Content Management System

The Navaho MediaCAT manager (or multiples of configured as reflectors for load balancing if required) is either available as appliance hardware for installation on-site or can be run as a “cloud-based” solution from the Navaho Data centres.

The cloud-based version of the MediaCAT Manager runs on Navaho's own servers within two 24x7x365 managed Data Centres. One Data centre is based in the midlands, with the other in London. The Midlands Data centre. has the advantage of direct routing out via the Trans-Atlantic links meaning connectivity from the Americas (and Western Asia) is not reliant on LINX or AMSIX (main European Internet hubs)


Key tasks provided by the Media Content Management System

  • Client Administration
  • Media Management
  • GPS Zone Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Real-time Tracking / Telemetry
  • Error and Maintenance Console

The MediaCAT manager will be utilised as the Media CMS solution. The MediaCAT Manager is accessed via a  web-based interface that will provide centralised control and distribution of all media, scheduling data, Accountability Reports and Error reports.

The Navaho MediaCAT Manager provides all management tools necessary to allow adverts to be uploaded and stored, playbacks to be scheduled according to time of the day, day of the week and physical location of each Media Player. In addition the Media CMS provides access to reporting and accountability tools, error and maintenance consoles.
Navaho’s Mediacat Solution incorporates a scheduling system that not only takes into consideration time and date, but its geographical location. The T-Digital Media Player is aware of its location and has the ability to modify schedules based upon this information. Via the Media CMS System it is possible to define and manage these schedules to allow for campaigns to be played-out by;

1. Player
2. Location
3. Date
4. Time
5. Condition



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