e-Paper Display - Public Information Displays

Smart City Displays are flexible, so they can potentially be mounted on rounded surfaces, such as pillars in an underground network, or on the corners of buildings, allowing for greater media opportunities compared to traditional displays. More interactive advertising and more detailed information are possible with Smart City Displays. The displays are also almost 1/3rd lighter than current LCD displays, meaning that installation is possible in a wide variety of locations, whilst also being easier.

Smart City Displays are also durable and reliable. With built-in environmental robustness, Smart City Displays are protected from moisture, UV rays and are flame resistant.

For normal periods of operation, Smart City Displays are designed to last more than 10 years. This in turn reduces long-term maintenance and replacement costs.

Smart City Displays are over 36 times more energy efficient than a similar sized LCD screen. This means that the amount of power used in an LCD display for 20 hours would last 720 hours in a Smart City Display. The benefits of this are a huge reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint.



  1. Works in direct sunlight with no additional power required to drive it
  2. High resolution 8000 pixels per square inch with a viewing angle of 180 degrees
  3. Available in both Colour and Monochrome versions
  4. A local single player can update many displays from a single point
  5. Wide operating temperature
  6. Hybrid Bus compatible
  7. Multi language
  8. Low power LED night-time illumination
  9. Single piece custom Epaper screens sizes for each position
  10. Smartcitydisplays can be remotely updated via 3G, Wifi, ADSL
  11. Zero power required once the content is set
  12. No moving parts
  13. Ultra Light weight
  14. 5 year warranty


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