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scrolling advertising for coahesScrolling mobile advertising can open a world of additional possibilities for your advertising. The Scroller® can be fitted to virtually any truck, transporter, bus, coach or trailer and our standard Scroller® gives a visible viewing surface of 4m2. Each outer frame is individually adapted to fit your vehicle and installation can be completed in just 8 – 10 hours.

Each Scroller® has two independent electric motors which drive the upper and lower rollers. The Scroller® then displays the ads from top to bottom, it’s that simple!

With a maximum of 24 ads per roll and an average changeover time of 16 seconds, you can already begin to appreciate the benefits of advertising with Scroller®.

Scrolling advertising for buses
More control with Scroller®

By using our auto or manual modes you can also determine the length of time an ad should be viewed for. In auto mode you can choose from 10 seconds up to a maximum of 6 minutes per ad. In manual mode the driver simply uses the remote control to change the ad at any time.

Scroller® makes it easy

Scroller® allows you to quickly change your ads making it easier than ever to keep your advertising up to date. To change ads, simply loosen the two roller securing screws and the ad roll will automatically wind around the bottom roller. Unclip the old roll and clip the new one into position and it’s done... in no more than ten minutes! You can even choose to change only one or two ads on your ad roll. The connecting point on each ad roll allows for fast and hassle free change overs.


While many companies specialise in large format prints, we only recommend our specially developed print material. We cannot guarantee that the Scroller® censoring system will run smoothly with other printing materials. We can deliver new ad rolls 6-7 days after receiving your agreement.

lorry scrolling advertising

Once we have received your order confirmation we can deliver your Scroller® in 3-4 weeks. All parts except the poly carbonate display window are guaranteed for two years. Replacement parts are guaranteed as available for ten years.

Optional Extras

Extra lighting, third brake light, special colour, RAL colouring, backdoor, ram bar, water nose.


Two years, except poly carbonate display.


Want to know more?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+44 (0) 1634 295953) or email ( ) for further information, alternatively please download our PDF brochure which includes key unique selling points.

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