T-Bright Illuminated Advertising

concept design reality of t bright illuminationOur goal is to maintain our reputation for quality and excellence while continuing to expand our business through constant research and development coupled with constructive dialogue with our suppliers and clients. By taking this approach to our business, we continue to offer products that exceed our clients’ expectations and bring added value to client relationships by providing high quality products at a competitive price.

At the Cutting Edge

illuminated advertising and signageResearch and development is at the heart of our business and we are constantly searching for new and better ways to light up your world. We have taken our product development to the next level and are delighted to reveal our new product T-Bright the next generation of lighting technology using LED's. T-Bright can offer up to 70% in energy savings compared with traditional light panels and, thanks to its innovative form, gives clients unrivalled design flexibility. Unlike conventional light panels which have lamps on the outside, T-Bright is the world’s first acrylic panel to contain LED crystals within its fabric as a light source. T-Bright is produced by combining high intensity LED's with a patented 3-D v-cutting system which allows light to be transmitted uniformly and evenly across the acrylic surface thus overcoming the limitations of traditional fl at light sheet panels where uniform light distribution may not be guaranteed.

For the life of your advertising

lit advertisingSuper slim and available in an unbelievable 4mm, 6mm or 8 mm thickness this light and durable product offers endless possibilities for your advertising. And thanks to its innovative technology, your advertising will remain illuminated for more than 70,000 hours... that’s eight years, seven days a week, 24 hours a day! T-Bright is also the eco friendly solution to your advertising needs as it’s mercury free and uses up to 70% less power than traditional fluorescent tubing. From signage, to point of sale, to 96 sheet; as the next generation of flat light source T-Bright provides the illumination, you provide the inspiration.





  • Illuminated retail displaySuper Slim:
    The LED inserted T-Bright is available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.
  • Outdoor Applications - IP 67, 68 Approved:
    Moisture proof and waterproof T-Bright can be used for even underwater lighting.
  • Long Lifetime & Maintenance Free:
    Over 70,000 hours / eight years, seven days a week, 24 hours a day! Therefore, it reduces maintenance, labour costs and down time.
  • Low Power Consumption & Cost Savings:
    T-Bright consumes up to 70% less power than T5 fluorescent lamp and up to 30% less energy than Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp. The initial cost might be higher, but energy savings over time and durability are far better.
  • Eco-Friendly Product:
    The optimum lighting technology of the 21st Century as it contains NO mercury and other heavy materials.
  • High Quality and Approved Parts:
    Licensed LED chip UL and CE approved adaptors.
  • A wide variety of applications:
    Thanks to its super slim, compact design and easy installation, T-Bright can be applied in almost all fields of Industry.

Want to know more?

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