Designer Street Furniture

Our stunning range of designer street furniture will make sure that your advertising never fails to catch the eye of potential consumers.


  • Available in a range of custom or standard sizes
  • Available in a range of colours and finishes
  • All street furniture can be illuminated if required


21st Century functionality

Our roadside products come in a range of sophisticated styles and designs allowing them to blend in with any town or city setting whether ultra modern or traditional.


Pots for plants 

plant pots

In the dense concrete jungle there is always the insufficient space for natural green areas. Besides their visual function, pots for plants create functional 

Giving a breathing space to the minds and lungs of the city inhabitants. To let you choose the appropriate solution for the place. We have pots for plants in various shapes and sizes, made of selected materials and with interesting functions. Our pots meet all design and usefulness requirements. 


Litter Bins 

Although nearly transparent and invisible to the passers-by, there is one urban element which o in handy when they finish their drinks or snacks, or have an empty bottle or package in their hands. As it happens frequently, the presence of this equipment becomes obvious While its lack or  non-functionality causes friction. We are making sure that our products are user friendly – not only for the inhabitants but also for the maintenance crew.



Although we are proponents of the healthy lifestyle, there is a big group of tobacco smokers who need to dispose of the cigarette butt after they finish smoking. In our offer, we have two proven ashtrays of different shapes, sizes and capacities, which perfectly blend with the public spaces 


Glowing lipstick bollard

The Lipstick bollard not only separates the zones but is also an aesthetic and intelligent lighting element. The central management system allows the configuration of the lighting schedule, including selection of days, hours and colours, as well as detection of special events, such as traffic, which has a significant impact on the safety of the pedestrians. 

Sometimes the visually interesting composition of public transport, percolating the pedestrians zones and boulevards, poses a considerable threat to the passers by. The Lipstick glowing bollard includes an ongoing traffic detection system – they become red, warning the pedestrians, who – lost in thought  - may expose themselves to danger  


Bicycle Racks 

Powered with the human muscles, The bicycle positively affects the health of its user and the surroundings In the order to use the bicycle comfortably in the crowded city, a person needs to be able to park their vehicle safety and attach it to the bicycle rack, which should be not only durable but also aesthetically adjusted to the surrounding area. Including those equipped with decorative elements made of exotic wood, our offer of bicycle racks, will satisfy the needs of every bicycle user.



The city rock with its natural form and marble-based material breaks the regularity of the city space, bringing a breath of fresh air. The seat, available in two sizes, leaves plenty of scope in arranging both hard and soft green surfaces. Additional variants of the seat: with wooden decorations, create plenty of opportunities to use the Lapidem collection in various projects  



Various shapes and materials used for our seats, inspired by both straight and minimal solids and irregular forms give the user  a unique visual experience and ergonomic comfort.  Made of concrete, plastics, steel and wood, they perfectly match the surroundings. 


Exterior induction charger

Feel like home wherever you are – at a park, bus stop or entrance to the office building  - and recharge your mobile device. Our innovative induction charger, including US ports, is a perfect solution for the communication-based society, who is always on the move and whose comfort or safety depends on the state of their batteries. 

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