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T-Vision In-Vehicle Screens

T-Vision In-vehicle screens are an information display solution that incorporates passenger information, safety messages and advertising.


T-Vision comprises of a range of screens suitable for various vehicle applications and advanced media players capable of storing, scheduling and display a fully customisable range of content. T-Vision allows the content to be updated remotely over 3G and/or Wi-fi connections.

T-Vision is an ideal for integration into Buses, Coaches or Taxi's, please see the table below for examples of its application.


Passenger Information Display

  • Service and Route Information
  • Transport Timetables
  • This Stop and Next Stop Information
  • Audio Announcements
  • Image Slide shows
  • Video Slide shows
  • Display Web Pages
  • Weather Forecast
  • News Headlines
  • Freeview TV

Safety Messages

  • Health and Safety Alerts
  • Text Announcements
  • Bus is about to depart warnings
  • Mind the gap warnings


  • Static of Animated
  • Full-screen or within information displays
  • 3rd Party Advert Support

In-vehicle Media Player

The PC designed to support T-Vision screens has been designed for in-vehicle applications. It combines the latest computer technologies with heat and vibration protection in a small profile; making it an ideal solution for installation into vehicles where space maybe limited. Our media players are fan-less and incorporate solid states components making them more reliable for transit applications.

Communication and Location Awareness

T-Vision Media Players can be updated centrally over 3G or Wi-Fi connections, it is also possible to provide updates via a USB or external hard drive. GPS allows our media players to record and report their locations or it can be used to trigger information, warning messages or adverts to display in chosen locations.

3rd Party System Integration

It is possible to integrate T-Vision with existing systems such as CCTV Integration, telematics or software systems.


Web-based Management and Scheduling System

The web-based management and scheduling system has been designed to be very simple to use and allow customers to benefit from the flexibility of who and how it is used. For example, it is possible to allow local staff to manage certain aspects of the information system such as health and safety messages or timetable information. Whilst the management of advertising can be outsourced and handled remotely.

Using mobile phone networks it is possible to constantly update content whilst the vehicle is on the move. Alternatively, content can be updated via Wi-Fi networks within the depot or by plugging in USB's or external hard drives.

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