Public Transport straps

Ergonomically designed plastic hanging straps ensure that passengers standing on public transport are safe.


  • Special colour design and forms available as special orders
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Maximum functionality and pleasant to the touch
  • Easy to clean
  • Pre-assembled, hanging strap kits for fast installation
  • Vandalism-proof


The Public Transport straps system

public transport straps

The new Public Transport straps system is supplied as a complete kit: the plastic strap is already cut to the required length and has pre-punched holes for the clamping screws at the right position. The kit includes a specially developed quick-action fastener made of reinforced polyamide and matching clamping screws. The groove for the strap features stoppers and positioning burls. The strap can therefore be inserted quickly and accurately and secured with the fitted clamping screw. Installation is completed within minutes. Public Transport straps is designed for a load of 200 kg.


A safe hold For standing passengers


Ergonomically designed hanging straps made of plastic ensure that passengers standing on public transport are safe when the vehicle accelerates and brakes, travels through bends and over track points and during emergency braking manoeuvres. On subway trains, trams, city buses, local trains, mountain railways, cable cars and gondolas hanging straps are therefore important features for enhancing safety and comfort.


Design and colour variety

For the first time, hanging straps have now become an active design element in the interior of subway trains, trams, buses, local trains and mountain railways. Whether the aim is to increase safety with the use of striking colours or to provide designers with new design freedom - the new Public Transport straps range offers a wide range of colours and virtually limitless possibilities ranging from elegant to bold, fresh and trendy. Even ci-compliant, customised solutions are available.


Ergonomic and hygienic

Previously installed hanging straps made of leather and fabric which have to be held open by an aluminium profile are increasingly being replaced by straps made of plastic. Even years later these new straps retain the loop shape required for a fast grip and do not cut into the hand, even under heavy loads. Neither grooves or other surface structures are required for a firm grip. Public Transport straps are pleasant to the touch and therefore comfortable to hold. The microbe-resistant plastics have considerable hygienic advantages. The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and resistant to conventional cleaning agents, grease and oils.


Safety standards

All system components are lame-resistant and comply with the Us standard nFpa 130 and the german ire safety standard e din 5510-2. They are therefore approved for use throughout the european Union and the United states, and also in most countries around the world.


The Advantages

Public Transport straps are made of the special polyurethane material that has already been in use for more than 20 years at Wiener Linien, one of the largest tram operators in Europe. Thousands more hanging straps have proven their worth in underground railways, trams, city and airport buses, local trains and mountain railways all around the world. The new Public Transport straps kits are ideal for fast and easy refits or new installations with an appealing design.

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